How to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

No matter how you were raised or where you were born, you may have a craving for wide open spaces. For a lot of us, this desire can be met with a walkthrough the wilds. Simply ensure you are completely ready for your excursion!

First, get a high quality backpack that is comfortable.Then, assemble the following essentials:

Trail Map/Guide – Be sure you are in possession of a valid guide to the region, with details of hiking trails — whether it is a comprehensive atlas or a printed pamphlet.

Compass – As you can not always use the sun as a guide to your position, you need a compass to accurately gauge your location.A compass works even if it’s cloudy.

Cell phone – Outdoor exercise should provide you with a rest from tech devices; however, having a mobile for emergencies could be a lifesaver. You can’t rely on having a signal so that you can use its GPS functionality– (This could also waste your battery) — but make sure you have one for scenarios that are serious.

Water – When performing any type of exercise, you needs lots of hydration.Bring a refillable bottle that filters water automatically, or take chemical pills to purify water. You might need a water pouch, worn on your back – like a Camelback – if you’re going out for a long trip and sources of water are uncertain.

– Make sure to have a total day’s worth of calories on hand, even if you’re only planning on being out for a few hours.

Consider bringing fruit, power bars, granola, trail mix, beef or turkey jerky, whole grain bread or rolls, and peanut-butter.

First-aid kit – Bring a small container with bandaids, fine tip tweezers, alcohol or betadine wipes, cotton gauze pads, a small pair scissors, and adhesive medical tape.

Additional clothing – Besides the garments you’re wearing, bring extra clean drysocks, a pair of gloves, as well as a hooded rain jacket.Be sure you are wearing quality hiking boots, lightweight long pants, and a lightweight long sleeved shirt.

Whistle – Being able to summon help is essential if you are injured or when you are lost.

Fire starting gear – Pack something to use to start a fire in an emergency- this could include water proof matches, flint, or fire sticks.

Multi-use tool– Make sure that among the tools included are a knife,locking blade, wood saw, reamer, scissors, and pliers.

Torch – Even in the event that you plan to return before dark, have a little LED torch with fresh batteries — in your back pack.

Insect repellent – There are all types of bugs in the outdoors. Whether the area is infested with mosquitoes, ticks, or other insects, you’ll want to have a high quality repellent with you to keep them away.

By carefully checking for all these pieces of gear before you head off for your day ofexercise, you’ll be ready for anything!.

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